Answering Harassment Prevention Training Requirement FAQs

February 21, 2019 | From HRCalifornia Extra

by Bianca N. Saad, J.D.; Employment Law Subject Matter Expert

You’ve all heard the news about California making that substantial change to mandatory sexual harassment prevention training — now, thanks to SB 1343, employers with five or more employees must provide this training to all supervisors and employees by January 1, 2020. And in addition to supervisors receiving two hours of sexual harassment prevention training, non-supervisory employees also must receive one hour of sexual harassment prevention training. Plus, training must take place within six months of hire or promotion and every two years thereafter, and beginning January 1, 2020, seasonal and temporary employees must be trained within 30 calendar days after their hire date or within 100 hours worked, whichever occurs first.

We know it’s a lot, and though we previously covered what you need to know, we learned something during the month of January: After holding our nine Employment Law Update seminars up and down the state last month, our roughly 1,000 attendees showed us that many unanswered questions about complying with the new training requirements remain.

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