Five Employer Tips on Local Ordinances

August 25, 2022 | From HRCalifornia Extra

by Sarah Woolston, J.D.; Employment Law Subject Matter Expert, CalChamber

It's halfway through 2022 — a great time to review how you're complying with the ever-evolving legal obligations that apply to your company. State and federal laws have continued to keep employers busy, but employers shouldn't forget about their applicable local ordinances.

Increasingly, localities are passing employment-related local ordinances, thus creating additional rules for California employers. Already, about 44 jurisdictions have local ordinances ranging from minimum wage to criminal background checks to additional leave and much more. Even if your business isn't located in one of these jurisdictions, if any of your employees work somewhere in which a local ordinance applies — and, due to COVID-19, more workers are working remotely than ever before — that ordinance will likely apply to your company, too.

No two local ordinances are the same — not even those in Los Angeles city and Los Angeles County — which is why employers should review each one separately and apply them carefully. Failing to comply with applicable local ordinances can expose you to administrative penalties and fees, as well as civil actions.

Here are five tips for employers to keep in mind when it comes to local ordinances.

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