Search Tips


C​hoose Your Words Carefully

When searching for a topic, try to use words that are more specific to the employment law and HR industry. For example, instead of searching for "fire," use "terminate."

Use Quotation M​arks (" ") to Focus Your Search

If you want to further narrow your search, use quotes around your word or search term. For example, enter "Alternative Workweek Checklist". ​The top results will only show pages that have those three​ words together.

Use the "Content Type" Sort Tabs

​At the top of your results page, select the tabs to sort by content type (see screenshots below​)​:

​These tabs will help you focus on the type of content you seek under the topic you searched. For​ example: the first screenshot shows the initial search for ​Parental Leave where All HRCalifornia results will appear. The second screenshot ​shows the​ resu​lts after ​the Forms tab is selected.