​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Onboarding a new employee requires a lot of paperwork, and HRCalifornia can help. This New Hire Guide contains the forms and access to pamphlets you’re legally required to provide to your new hire. For more information on how to determine starting pay, offering employment, orienting new employees, verifying Social Security numbers and training your new hires, go to the Getting New Employees Started section.​ Or you can learn more about important hiring considerations by watching our Hiring Checklist video.​

  • In specific situations, additional paperwork may be necessary. For example, commissioned employees must receive a written commission agreement. The list below is meant to provide the general forms required in most hiring situations, but it is not a guarantee.

Download the checklists, employment applications and new hire paperwork documents individually or click on the "Download All Forms" button to get everything in a .zip file.


Use the following hiring and employee orientation checklists to help you during the onboarding process:

  • Hiring Checklist - Keep track of paperwork you’ve given to employees, including any legally-required forms and notices, as well as other items.
  • Employee Orientation Checklist - Ensure that you cover all necessary topics with your new hire and distribute all required forms. Ask the new hire to initial receipt of paperwork provided and sign the checklist.

Employment Applications

Sample employment applications crafted specifically for California are included for your use. Make sure to download and read the instructions prior to use.

New Hire Paperwork

Unless otherwise noted, the following items are legally required for each new hire.

Mandatory Pamphlets