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From the June 6, 2024, Issue:

'Hiring Babies': California Court Examines Harassing, Discriminatory Ageism
Providing several important takeaways for employers, a California Court of Appeal highlighted key elements of both harassing and discriminatory conduct on the basis of age as well as the pitfalls of failing to properly train and monitor supervisors on these elements (Hoglund v. Sierra Nevada Memorial-Miners Hospital, No. C097065 (May 17, 2024)).

Remember to Protect Employees From High Heat, Wildfire Smoke
The first day of summer is exactly two weeks away, but increasing temperatures and smoke from wildfires should already be on employers’ radars. To help keep workers safe, employers must follow state-implemented rules when temperatures reach or exceed 80 degrees or when smoke from wildfires reaches a certain level in the air.

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