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From the November 12, 2020, Issue:

Exit Searches Constitute Hours Worked, but De Minimis Question Remains
After more than seven years and multiple federal and state court rulings, the saga of Apple, Inc.’s exit search policy continues. In an October amendment to its September ruling that time spent in exit searches constituted hours worked, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that Apple can pursue its claim that exit search time is so de minimis as to be non-compensable.

Division, Stress, Trauma and Violence: Where We Are Now
As the recent election reminds us, we live in a divided society. There is much distrust and dislike for one another based on political affiliation, and there’s a huge rift between law enforcement and various communities. We’re still grappling with the global COVID-19 pandemic, in which life as we previously knew it is essentially gone. Each of these serves as an example of major change we’re going through as a society — and while change is a primary cause of stress, an uncontrolled reaction to stress is often present when there is violence.

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