Resolving a Sexual Harassment Complaint

After your investigation, you must resolve the complaint.

California law requires employers to:

  • Respond to complaints in a timely manner;
  • Document and track complaints for reasonable progress;
  • Timely close complaints;
  • Reach reasonable conclusions based on the evidence collected;
  • If the investigation reveals misconduct, take appropriate corrective action and remedial measures, including steps to prevent future harassment and measures to correct the effects of the harassing behavior; and
  • Take steps to prevent retaliation.1

When analyzing facts, very few issues are black and white. You must apply logic to reach a conclusion. Unless the subject of an investigation admits to harassment, you must examine the relevant facts based on the foundation of your experience.

As a general rule, if you have conducted a fair and impartial investigation, the courts will not interfere with your decision to resolve the complaint.

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