​Workplace privacy is an important and growing concern for business. It is often difficult to sort through and understand privacy issues, considering the multitude of federal and state constitutional guarantees, limitations imposed by federal and state statutes, and case law. In addition, technology expands both employer and employee concerns about privacy rights.

This section explains the law and gives you the information to understand the issues and make sound, informed decisions respecting your employee’s rights while understanding your own rights. This knowledge will enable you to operate your business more effectively. This section thoroughly discusses all aspects of workplace privacy, including:

  • Constitutional law — the basis for the right to privacy.
  • Keeping employee information private — your obligations to your employees to protect their privacy.
  • Employee access to personnel records — employee rights to view, copy or receive information on themselves from your files.
  • Employee monitoring — the extent of your right to know what goes on in your workplace.
  • ​Records retention — the type of records you must keep and how long you must keep them.​