Labor Law Message Center


CalChamber's Helpline service provides explanation of laws, regulations, court cases, and administrative policies affecting California employers and their employees. The Helpline service provides member access to CalChamber's HR Advisers who answer employment-related questions in a timely fashion, usually within an hour.

The Helpline is exclusively for our Preferred and Executive member employers and may only be used to assist members with matters related to their own employees. The Helpline service cannot be extended to third parties, such as clients or customers of our members, since the HR Advisers cannot give thorough responses based on secondhand information.

Please read carefully: When you call, you will leave your question with our message center. One of the administrative staff will forward your question to the Adviser most appropriate to your situation, and that Adviser will call you back. A lengthy message is not necessary. Please leave​ only your contact information and the topic of your question. But remember, an email to the Helpline through HRCalifornia usually results in the quickest response.

As an Executive or Preferred member, you can contact our Labor Law Helpline at:

(800) 348-2262