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By joining CalChamber at the Preferred Membership level, you’ll gain access to member-exclusive content as well as time-saving HR resources and tools.

CalChamber delivers emerging workplace news that may affect your business and employees, including the latest updates to California mandates.

More than 40,000 businesses throughout the state of California rely on CalChamber for easy HR tools, advocacy, and employment law compliance.

Preferred Membership Benefits

As a CalChamber Preferred Member, you will have access to all these benefits:

Access Our Experts Directly Through Our Labor Law Helpline
Unlimited Access
Receive unlimited access to the Labor Law Helpline from qualified and experienced HR advisers. (Preferred members only)
Questions Routed
Get your labor law questions routed to the most appropriate labor law adviser for your situation. 
Communicate with an experienced labor law adviser to get answers to your tough labor law questions. 
Access HR Expertise Instantly Through HRCalifornia.com
On-Demand HR Library
Clear explanations of California and federal labor laws and regulations including cases, sample policies, and best practices.
Forms & Tools
More than 300 up-to-date HR forms and checklists to help you work more efficiently – Free, Personalized, Spanish, and more.
Fast Compliance Wizards
Wizards are useful tools to simplify certain HR tasks such as employee classification, wage orders and safety compliance.
Step-By-Step How To's
to help work through some of the most common HR processes
Receive expert answers to more than 600 questions covering a full range of HR topics in our Q&A library.
New Hire Guide
to quickly access legally required forms and pamphlets for new hires
Local Ordinances
Navigate California’s local employment ordinances, such as minimum wage and paid sick leave through the local ordinances section.
Perks & Discounts
Discounts for FedEx, UPS, Salary.com, and more with $900/year average member savings.
Year-Round 20% Discount
Year-round 20% discount on CalChamber Store compliance products and online training.

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