Mandatory Harassment Prevention Training

Mandatory Harassment Prevention Training in California

Harassment is a major source of litigation in California. One of the best ways to avoid problems is by educating and training your entire workforce, and not just supervisors as required by law.

State law requires California companies with 50 or more employees to provide two hours of interactive harassment prevention training to all supervisors in California — within six months of hire or promotion, and every two years thereafter.

The minimum employee count of 50 includes part-time and temporary employees, including those who are hired through temporary staffing agencies, and independent contractors. You must include all employees and contractors, including those that reside or work outside of California.

CalChamber’s free white paper includes California’s original requirements plus recent amendments to mandatory supervisor training, plus:

  • Which employers must comply with the law
  • Which employees must be trained and how often
  • How to track training to make sure you're in compliance
  • Required training content, including new requirements
  • Recordkeeping requirements
Additionally, CalChamber's employment law counsel created a checklist employers can use to help determine if a harassment prevention training course meets California's compliance requirements.


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