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By joining CalChamber at the Preferred Membership level, you gain access to member-exclusive content as well as many HR resources and tools.

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As a not-for-profit since 1890, CalChamber works to transform California's business landscape. Today, more than 40,000 businesses in the state rely on CalChamber for advocacy and labor law compliance.

Join CalChamber and be a part of the story as we continue working with businesses to enhance the California economy and make the state a better place to live, work and do business.

Special Membership Offer for June 2021

Summer brings sun, fun, and good times. On July 1, 2021, it also brings local minimum wage increases for a number of California localities. Employers should review their hourly wage rates for employees working in any local jurisdictions affected by these increases, and make any necessary adjustments by July 1, 2021, to remain in compliance. (Note that many of these local ordinances contain notice requirements.)


We know keeping track of yearly and mid-year changes can be difficult. That’s where CalChamber can help. The HRCalifornia website was created by CalChamber, so we can help our members easily navigate — and comply with — California’s complex employment and labor laws. In fact, the value of a Preferred Membership can be measured in the time saved by using HRCalifornia’s tools, like the Local Ordinances Wizard, which helps you determine the local ordinances and labor law posters that apply to your business or locations.


As a Preferred Member, you’ll gain access to tools that make it easy to locate which ordinances affect your business.


  • Local Ordinances ExplainedThis section explains information on local ordinances for cities across northern and southern California.
  • Local Ordinances WizardUse this wizard to determine the local ordinances and labor law posters that apply to your business or location(s).
  • Local Ordinances MapWe designed this section to help you navigate identified labor-related local ordinances for Northern and Southern California, such as minimum wage and paid sick leave ordinances.

When you join as a new CalChamber member in June, you'll receive 14 months of Preferred Membership for the price of 12 months. In addition to all the time-saving tools available to you through a CalChamber Preferred Membership, Preferred Members get a year-round 20% discount on compliance products and training. There's no better time than now to take advantage of two extra months of membership. It's super easy! All you have to do is give us a call at (800) 649-4921 and mention priority code QJUN21.

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Details on How the Offer Works

Offer is good for new Preferred Memberships purchased in June 2021 (excludes renewals). New membership must be purchased by calling (800) 649-4921 and using priority code QJUN21 by 6/30/2021 to receive this offer.

As a CalChamber Preferred Member, you will have access to all these benefits:

Access Our Experts Directly Through Our Labor Law Helpline
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to the Helpline's highly qualified and experienced HR advisers
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to the most appropriate adviser for your situation
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with an adviser to discuss your question
Access Our Expertise Instantly Through HRCalifornia
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with clear explanations for complying with California's complex employment laws and how they interact with federal law
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HR forms and checklists, many in Spanish
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for simplifying certain HR tasks, such as employee classification and leaves of absence
Step-By-Step How To's
to help work through some of the most common HR processes
More Than 500 Q&As
for quick answers to frequently asked compliance questions
New Hire Guide
to quickly access legally required forms and pamphlets for new hires
Local Ordinances
section to determine if certain requirements apply to you
Business Partner Discounts
from FedEx, UPS and others
Year-Round 20% Discount
on CalChamber compliance products and training

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