An Overview of New 2015 Laws Affecting California Employers

An Overview of New 2015 Laws Affecting California Employers

CalChamber’s most-anticipated annual white paper is here.

As in years past, California enacted many new laws that will affect the day-to-day operations, practices and policies of California businesses in 2015.

Some of the new laws, such as mandatory paid sick leave, make significant changes to California’s legal landscape. Other new laws make changes to different parts of existing law or may only affect employers in specified industries.

CalChamber's free "An Overview of New 2015 Laws Affecting California Employers" white paper identifies some of the noteworthy new laws from the California Legislature, including:

  • Mandatory paid sick leave, with penalties for noncompliance
  • New requirement to include training on preventing abusive conduct (such as bullying) as part of mandatory supervisor sexual harassment training
  • Expanded liability for employers who contract for labor
  • Plus, other new laws in key employment areas​

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