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When HR Comes With the Job

You’re not an HR professional. But maneuvering the compliance minefield is part of managing employees. You’ll get your company in legal trouble in no time if you don’t know the basics and what the law requires.

From hiring to termination and all points in between, you must handle employee issues carefully. Educate yourself to avoid work situations that put you at risk.

HRCalifornia makes key HR areas and California-specific procedures easy to understand. You’ll find tips and best practices for all kinds of employment issues:

  • Asking appropriate interview questions
  • Following rules governing overtime, breaks, makeup time and alternative schedules
  • Handling sexual harassment complaints
  • Documenting and consistently following an established disciplinary process
  • Familiarizing yourself on employee lawsuit risks
Don’t let a potentially costly employee complaint catch you off guard. Use HRCalifornia to help you understand legal obligations so you can make informed, compliant decisions.