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When You're the HR Expert

Everyone at work sees you as the authority on HR—ready with the right answers. They look to you for current information on California and federal compliance. How to’s. What not to do’s. Forms. Policies. Everything

You rely on your working knowledge of employment law to anticipate and fend off common HR issues before they become costly legal headaches. But laws change, and problem employees and difficult situations always present new challenges. 

With no room for error, every HR decision hinges on having the right information. That’s why experienced HR professionals like yourself bookmark and use HRCalifornia to: 

  • Read up on the latest employment news and how it affects your workplace.
  • Research complex HR topics (like the interactions between different leaves).
  • Access plain-language legal explanations, summaries and footnotes.
  • Confirm your next steps to solve problems.
  • Develop fair, consistent company policies.
  • Download timesaving HR support tools.
Best of all, CalChamber monitors legislative bills, court cases and regulations that affect California employers so you don’t have to. Count on continually updated HRCalifornia content that’s clear and to the point.