Court Highlights Several Harassment Prevention Lessons for Employers

December 21, 2023 | From HRCalifornia Extra

by Matthew J. Roberts, J.D.; Associate General Counsel for Labor and Employment, CalChamber

Workplace harassment — sexual or otherwise based on another protected class — remains a prevalent issue for employers within the workforce and at the courthouse. As the California Civil Rights Department’s (CRD) latest annual report demonstrates, the CRD receives thousands of notices of workplace harassment claims annually.

A recent case alleging sexual harassment in the workplace (that focused on an evidentiary issue at trial) highlights several components of combating harassment in the workplace, including identifying harassing conduct, creating a safe space for employees to raise issues, promptly and thoroughly investigating complaints and taking reasonable steps to prevent harassment in the future (Argueta v. Worldwide Flight Services, Inc., No. B306910 (November 8, 2023)).

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