Court: Termination Justified After Warning Supervisor Against Unprofessional Behavior Following Investigation

December 07, 2023 | From HRCalifornia Extra

by Lisa V. Ryan, J.D., Partner at COOK|BROWN LLP

Employers must regularly navigate the challenges of handling complaints brought by employees in the workplace. While many complaints relate to daily nuisances involving coworker or customer interactions, increasingly, employers are receiving workplace complaints that involve serious claims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation that warrant further investigation — and what happens after the investigation concludes can lead to challenges for all involved, both in the legal system and the workplace.

In a recent California appellate decision, the court found in favor of the California State University’s (CSU) Board of Trustees' decision to terminate a supervisor — not because of the result of the underlying investigations, but because of a supervisor’s behavior following the internal investigations (Martin v. Board of Trustees of California State University, No. B303509 (Nov. 14, 2023)).

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