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  • Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee Return to Work - Spanish
    An employee may use this notice to have his/her health care provider certify that he/she may return to work.
  • Certification of Health Care Provider for Pregnancy Disability Leave, Transfer And/Or Reasonable Accommodation - Spanish
    Have the employee's health care provider complete this medical certification as needed. This form is used for employee's seeking reasonable accommodation, transfer or Pregnancy Disability Leave for pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition.
  • Day of Rest - Acknowledgement and Waiver - Spanish
    Provide this form for employees to acknowledge and waive their right to one “day of rest” in each seven-day workweek. Employers cannot take any action to encourage employees to waive their right to a day of rest. However, an employer can allow an employee to choose not to take a day of rest, as long as the employee is fully informed of his/her right.
  • Employee Letter - PDL Only - Spanish
    Use this letter to respond to notice of an employee’s absence due to Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL). Respond within 10 calendar days of the request or no later than the following payday, whichever is sooner. Use this letter if you are under 50 employees and not covered by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or if the employee seeking leave is not eligible for FMLA leave.
  • Employment Offer Letter - Spanish
    Use this letter to convey information to a new employee about whom they will report to, job title, starting date and time, rate of pay and classification. This letter is simply for an employee’s information and is not to be used or construed as a contract of employment.
  • Meal Break - On Duty - Spanish
    When you have a nonexempt worker whose work prevents them from being able to take a meal break and both you and the worker intend for the worker to spend the 30-minute meal break while still on duty, use this form. WARNING - On-duty meal breaks are enforceable in very limited circumstances, please consult with legal counsel before using this form.